@normen Bug in Character node

Hey, im not useing a pm since others might want to read this as well, and save time that way, untill the reason is found.

I#m currently using a characternode, wich is rotated accordingly to the clients updatemessage each servertick. The problem is, whenever I call rotate, the rest of the physic simulation is stopped, so the character can nto mvoe anymore, nto even fall, it is hanging in mid air. Do you have any idea, what is causing this and why?

Yes, PhysicsCharacterNodes are not supposed to be rotated since the underlying KinematicCharacterController does not support that. In jbullet-jme I circumvented that by simply not syncing rotation info for characters. In jme3-physics the syncing is handled differently and for now this specialty of character nodes is not handled.

Bottom line is dont rotate them :slight_smile:



ok, so i gues onoly Spheres make real sense then for their shape ^^ (Thought about a compund shape, one for the body, + one for position of hands/gun). Well at least I now know what I have to do, find a workaround ^^

Yes, apparently sphere shapes are the only ones the KinematicCharacterController was built for, other shapes produce strange results. From what I see the idea behind it is to have the sphere just for collision and location and just do animation/rotation etc. in the child spatial.

jm yeah, sounds good, will try to implement that tomorrow.