Not enough memory? WAT?

I’m sorry but… WAT? I got 16GB of RAM and even tough many programs are running, I only use a third of all the RAM my system’s got. Never saw that notice before. WTF?

Java has its own memory limits. Restart your IDE and if the memory warnings still appear you might wanna lookup how give netbeans/jme sdk more memory… should be in some config file somewhere.

Uhmmm… I rebooted my computer and I don’t see the warning anymore but my project does not run anymore… I tried to close/re-open the SDK… nothing, all the files are there in the same place in my hard drive, did not move anything, has not changed for +6 months… WTF is going on?..

WAIT… I cut the faulty line, pressed RUN, it said it couldn’t run because there are parse errors, I pasted the line back where it was, saved, RUN and now everything works perfectly.


Problem solved, I have NO IDEA what went wrong there but now it works as it’s supposed be. Thanks. WTF!