Not exactly a problem, but really irritating. (Bullet debug and post water)

It seems like there’s a bug with activating Bullet debug with the method (appState.getPhysicsSpace().enableDebug(assetManager); and having post-processing water in the scene. Almost 50% of the time I crash, and following the stack trace takes me to the WaterFilter.class file, in the rendering portion. I guess it’s something about the reflections? Either way, I figured I’d just put this out there.

There’s also probbly a better place to post this. >.>

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Thanks, might very well be as the debug rendering happens directly in the control render() method. The debug view of physics has to be improved anyway at some point…

I don’t update to the nightly, so if it’s been fixed I don’t know. It’s just really irritating when I’m trying to debug physics and I crash repeatedly. Figured I’d just put it out there.