(November 2015) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

I LOVE IT :sunny:
You are a talented artist, I love adventure games :smile:
What is your plan for this game ? when could I access it

…thank you for kind words…game you see (Episode 2) is completed (some small things left to be fixed)…im now remastering Episode 1 with JME3…after that is done, Episode 1 will be re released again (it will be given for free to folks who purchased it before), then 3 months later episode 2 will be released (one which screenshots are from), and finally 3 months after episode 2, third one will go out. That will be all about it. :slight_smile:

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Terrific!! nice work

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How do you do the animations? Is that shader based or more CPU based with a control and changing the color alpha value?

CPU-based, changing the alpha value. All Lemur UI elements have a setAlpha() that can be used to fade them. I’m implementing an effects library and I’m using this for testing. (It can also move, rotate, do anything, etc.)

Edit: this will be added to Lemur soon as so far I still like this one. (It’s like my fifth try and normally I hate my prototypes by now.)

That’s cool! :chimpanzee_smile:
Since I’m working on font stuff, this is interesting to me too.
In the paper it seems that this works for “grafitti texts”, but does this also work for bitmap fonts like in .fnt files (every letter is a quad)? It seems that there is not much code in that paper - at the end there is some … is that all you need?

Yes, in the video I’m using a bitmap font (fnt) but it has to be generated to contain the distance field data in the the alpha channel of the png. For this I use Hiero as it supports embedding distance field into the atlas. Have a look at https://github.com/libgdx/libgdx/wiki/Distance-field-fonts for tips on how to generate the fnt image.

Ah that’s cool. So it uses .fnt (AngelCode font) which I’m using too. So it would be quite simple to integrate that into my code later. I would simply introduce another channel format “gray_distfield” and copy the shader code into my “font supershader”.

Wow … now I’m motivated to finish that font stuff even more ! :chimpanzee_smile:
I also would like to continue working on games rather than working on libs / engines…

It’s pretty neat, I’ve just managed to get outlining and glow working.

Edit: Here’s a video.


Here is my contribution to this months screenshot thread.
I am now very close to a final release of Puzzle Dots.
Making this game was fun and I especially enjoyed working with the 2D physics engine (Dyn4J) and also the integration with android and all the play services such as cloud storage of level progress.

Check is out:


Dot and Dotty lost their faces? I liked it when they smiled after meeting each other. :chimpanzee_smile:

Your game will be the best jme android ever so far, I loved the idea, when are you planning to launch it ? Will it be free ?

Holy cow this november WIP is the best I’ve ever seen on this forums, so awesome to see devs doing really cool things! @tonihele I have a silly question. On your camera animation when you go to map select from start screen, how did you get it so smooth!? Ours is very jerky

The camera animation is just JME Cinematic. I don’t know what makes it smoother :slight_smile: We manually slerp the camera rotation like it is the last day on earth! But we didn’t have to use any imagination. We just read the original game data for the path. Here, hope it helps: https://github.com/tonihele/OpenKeeper/blob/master/src/toniarts/openkeeper/cinematics/Cinematic.java

Wow thanks for the source, that’s super helpful! Our camera animations are
home grown so maybe that’s where the problem is. I might just see if the
cinematic does something we aren’t.

Our camera points are super dense. Red is a camera point, blue is calculated path on the debug colors if I remember correctly. No blue line visible.


Wow ok, maybe we just need to increase density of points we hit then!

Hi @wagfeliz, thanks for the complementing words.
I wouldn’t say the best BUT I do agree on the game concept, there is lots of potential.

Puzzle Dots will be a free Android game and I am planning to release it within this month of November.

One thing I first need to get going is my campaign to get this game noticed in the wide wide … wide world once I publish.

So yeah, I think it is at a stage to go to market.

Time will tell…

I’ve recently added a mutator to my spell creation system so you can change the color of a spell or its components.


You can try to publish your game then see about campain lather like I did.
Also, you could add some adds to make some money from it, I am using AdBuddiz and Vungle in my Ant Maze 3D, they works very well with jme.