(November 2015) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Worthy contribution here


Thanks, I wanted to release but I first need to make 100% sure everything works in the game.
Also, when you just go and release your game there is no time for fixes especially if you want to get rated by google play store.
The best way I have learned in the last couple of years in releasing an android game is to get those downloads and ratings as soon as possible.

Wicth campain do you use ? You enable the campin as soon you release ?

Well currently I only make use of admob.
It works best for me.
I am however open for any other campaign because I have read somewhere that admob is a little bit more expensive.

And yes, as soon as the game is live, I start my campaign.

Alright here’s my 2 cents. I haven’t made much progress in the past month since school’s been an ass with exams but here are the changes:

The module 3D models are mostly done although I still think they need improvement and some new textures:

The basic engines can now be attached radially and have nice front glow too when running:

Command pod rear engines:

I’ve added planet glow which are basicly big billboard quads, but they work reasonably well and are colored accoring to the planet/moon’s most prominent color:
^That is supposed to be the Hermes from The Martian, but I’m not that good at building and it needed MOAR engines haha
It does have some problems with the color, but this should be fixed soonTM:
Also at warp engines now give of more linear trails that look a bit better imho:

I still haven’t gotten around to learning glsl a bit to make better warp effects and shields. :frowning:


If you want i know there is some work done in ShaderBlow on shields. They seem to only work well when display as a round ball, and the ovale version aint really good but, the absorbing effect is still pretty cool and could do some very good code base.

Just tell me if you need me to send you the files. I know they are somewhere in the application, but I personaly had a hard time finding the demos x)

Thanks, but I already have the code, examples and have tested it :smiley: I only had a slight problem determining the point of impact if I’m colliding other stuff than rays with it but I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.

How did you make the atmosphere of the planets? :chimpanzee_smile:

my two cents to this amazing gallery a bit delayed because my co-worker ( which is my wife :smile:) delayed in delivering her part which is the cave model , an updated scene to my learning project

it contains
1 Human + Cave
1 Ambient Light + 1 directional light + 1 moving spot light that follow the camera it is planned to be a hat light used by cave explorer

the cave textured and normal map added
Note: after adding the normal do not forget to use TangentBinormalGenerator I spent hours searching where is my spotlight after adding normal maps :smile:

EDITED : I just spotted part of base texture which was a checker still there I left it it show the effect of normals clearly


That is one badass cave.

It’s simple we uh, kill the batman. No but seriously it’s simple, just a slightly larger sphere on top of the other one with a transparent cloud texture. If anyone does it this way, note that going far away will cause immense z-fighting if you aren’t using a logarithmic depth buffer which will in turn break shadows. I use the regular one and simply offset the cloud layer towards the player slightly as you move far away which solves this problem really well haha. I do the same thing for the glow effect but in the exact opposite way.


Yeah, I meant that glow / atmospheric scattering halo around the planets. :chimpanzee_smile:

Magical, specially the planet atmosphere

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Oh the glow, well as I said in the original post I use a single quad, with this texture I made:

Then the material overwrites the colors with the specific planet’s and scales it about 3x the planet’s radius. Since planets have their own update methods for spinning the ground and atmosphere wind I just made the quad lookAtcamera there so it billboards. This is definitely just placeholder though, since it would be better to just do with shaders amirite? I tried using the particles shader but I hade some transparency issues, idk I should try it again probably haha.


Haha, that’s cool - it looks so damn beautiful, but currently is a low tech solution :chimpanzee_closedlaugh:
Well, there are some atmospheric scattering shaders for planets. They should be needed once you come really close to planets and land on them. But if it works now, that’s a cool thing… :chimpanzee_smile:

Well not every space game needs to have planetary landings as a thing. I’m shooting towards something like what Star Trek Legacy had and what Rebel Galaxy has as a system. Aka orbit-only capital ship combat :smile:


Server listing with security checks and GUI frontend. Also main-menu map baroquisms in the background :smiley:


okay, it’s not really a screenshot. but here is some funny output of my today’s creation :chimpanzee_closedlaugh: :

randomFantasyTitle: the warrior
randomFantasyTitle: the black hellknight from the unholy swamps of black destruction
randomFantasyTitle: the enigmatic sage
randomFantasyTitle: the explorer of light
randomFantasyTitle: the bloodthirsty heretic of the aggressive swamps
randomFantasyTitle: the knowledgefinder
randomFantasyTitle: the golden adventurer
randomFantasyTitle: the peaceful friend of freedom of the noble heavens of colorful peace
randomFantasyTitle: the joyful wizard
randomFantasyTitle: the heretic of the fierce wasteland
randomNeutralTitle: the balanced druid
randomNeutralTitle: the twilightrestorer of the conservative lakes of twilight
randomNeutralTitle: the enigmatic druid of magic from the conservative library
randomNeutralTitle: the monk
randomNeutralTitle: the sage of magic
randomNeutralTitle: the ancient scholar of balance of the ancient tower
randomNeutralTitle: the silent druid of wisdome of the open-minded halls
randomNeutralTitle: the open-minded guardian of equilibrium
randomNeutralTitle: the druid
randomNeutralTitle: the guardian of worlds from the enigmatic library
randomGoodTitle: the white explorer of the peaceful ocean of harmony
randomGoodTitle: the peaceful adventurer of life from the holy forest
randomGoodTitle: the golden adventurer of the joyful skies of harmony
randomGoodTitle: the knight of the joyful castle of harmony
randomGoodTitle: the colorful knight
randomGoodTitle: the colorful harmonyfinder
randomGoodTitle: the golden harmonycaster
randomGoodTitle: the joyful wizard of the harmonic village
randomGoodTitle: the harmonybringer
randomGoodTitle: the peacecaster from the holy village of harmony
randomFantasyWord: Narhunvis
randomFantasyWord: Jenbihena
randomFantasyWord: Zenotemun
randomFantasyWord: Pucusheru
randomFantasyWord: Queshujen
randomFantasyWord: Metulmofa
randomFantasyWord: Nazelsoso
randomFantasyWord: Tuljenwor
randomFantasyWord: Grasyronu
randomFantasyWord: Laslormor
randomPassword: ZzK6585,P9=v2C.6
randomPassword: 6x7.xNd94ji9yD&2
randomPassword: 2[4[§r?JwH_9v]3X
randomPassword: hq._X!CQp84=X$8S
randomPassword: %265u3hQKR]4ZB-8
randomPassword: ,?m4kQ9M92[S7L,5
randomPassword: 3&7rz8faY6uq=A*5
randomPassword: 37(spzB&wQb727E:
randomPassword: 9w.6g6ig+37,G(7S
randomPassword: p%A994&SU!5&*5X
randomEvilTitle: the dark devourer of destruction
randomEvilTitle: the terrorbringer of the foul dungeon
randomEvilTitle: the heretic
randomEvilTitle: the bloodthirsty knight of death from the dark dungeon
randomEvilTitle: the foul hellmaster
randomEvilTitle: the evil bringer of hell
randomEvilTitle: the unholy bringer of war
randomEvilTitle: the fearsome conqueror from the creepy fortress of fierce hell
randomEvilTitle: the knight of destruction
randomEvilTitle: the bloodthirsty leader of death from the aggressive swamps
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Have at you!


There is a funny homage to this scene in the game “The Book of Unwritten Tales 2”.
And I heard that they almost had to quit this movie because the actor of the “king” was constantly drunk - he had a “little” drinking problem. But yeah, most of my geeky friends love this movie! :chimpanzee_closedlaugh:

Haha, awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw something I forgot to add into my post: