(November 2015) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

PBR inside the SDK :

The small reflective sphere in the center is a LightProbe.
That’s a new type of Light (on the PBRIsComing branch only) that is used for environment lighting.
It has a position, and a bounding volume (for now only bounding sphere is supported)

Here you can see the gizmo in the SDK with a smaller radius :

Note how the radius influence the lighting.

There is still a huge amount of work to do for propper PBR support, but I though I’d give some heads up.


Simply… Amazing

You are my Hero :chimpanzee_rolleyes:

Great job! :slight_smile:

its so cool!

A simple deferred renderer with the physically based shading model used in Unreal Engine 4 (http://blog.selfshadow.com/publications/s2013-shading-course/karis/s2013_pbs_epic_notes_v2.pdf).
Not really optimized for performance, which depends mostly on the number of visible lights.
All images below where shot using a nVidia GTX 660.

Crytek sponza

Rungholt (http://graphics.cs.williams.edu/data/meshes.xml)


I like it, will your efforts be made available to see in a repo somewhere by any chance?

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Some updates for Skylimit Tycoon!

We’re currently focusing on fixing the editor for content and scripting since we’re storing model definitions and item configuration in JSON files and using callbacks in JavaScript for game logic and AI.

More available at https://hub.kendanware.com/t/skylimit-tycoon-doors-music-models-and-more-7/45