(November 2022) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

Found a cozy island :wink:

I am messing with gradient fog filter!


after fixing the last issue with shadow map generation. here are multiple shadow casting pointlights. progress is good. Still no really big design issues


I am reworking my game terrain generator tool. It takes a 2D island image (generated procedurally in an online tool)

and converts it to a height map-based terrain (in the old version I was generating a block-based terrain)

The next step is to fix the texture repeating pattern and add lakes. (as you see the lake place is still empty on the height map at the top-left)

Still not sure what to do with rivers. I have not implemented a river simulation code. I may take out rivers or convert them to roads or just paint them with static water texture (not sure if the result will be good) or just lower the terrain height on rivers so the underlying ocean water will be visible (similar to what I will do for the lake). If you have an idea please let me know :slightly_smiling_face:


In your journey, maybe this is interesting to play with:

It’s usually possible to tune it to force islands. If you need an embedded solution then I can provide the source code, too. It’s open source but I’ve never released it.

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Made an initial pass at texturing, rigging, and animating the penguin/duck/chicken creature (calling it a “gaefen” for now). Made a quick video and uploaded it to twitter:



love the gaefen. especially the idle animation

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Thanks. It works well especially when there is a whole group of them:



The whole scene seems different as soon as there is something animated in it. it comes to life at this very moment

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Yeah, I agree. I need more and more and more. :slight_smile:

Edit: I also need to give them sound.

And implement a mute hack to not get annoyed while development continues
And note the hack at some place :wink:

I already have that… there is a local config file where you can lower the volume, mute all of the sound, etc. just with some startup settings.

I 100% get tired of clicking the setting every time I start the game 100 times in a row… whether that is clicking the mute on sound or turning on the debug grid, etc… Putting those in a settings file has saved me soooooo much time.

Edit: though personally, in the case of sounds, I will note that I feel like there is a sweet spot for sound effects where they can be left on without driving one crazy. They bring the game to life but otherwise you barely notice them until they’re gone.

Ok, fixed the texture repeating pattern issue and also added darker/brighter grass and dirt area. I am doing this by taking the 2D color map saturation factor (in the HSB color model) to mitigate alpha map blending and it created a nice effect. I am still not satisfied and playing with different factors.

Lake is still missing…


I think it looks much smoother now, I am satisfied with the result :slight_smile:

This one uses a noise texture.


Whoops, noise generated a mountain whale!! :slightly_smiling_face:

I should show this to Attorney Woo from the K-Drama :grin:


ShaderFu @ dusty sponza
most fun is that if you are rendering shadows anyways all information needed is already there. comes at the cost of one (highly tessellated) frustum mesh per spotlight (or 6 per pointlight)