Novice question about cameranode and basegame class

Hi, here some question:

  1. my class extends BaseGame. I want to attach a camera to a CameraNode and rotate the CameraNode to obtain the rotation of the camera. This is good only if i want to translate the cam, but it doesn't perform any rotation. Why? Below there is the update method code which should be responsible for the rotation.

    2)Is it correct to put the game logic in the update method? The update method is the last method called before rendering?

    3)Is somebody so patient to post an example class where i can move a camera trough a world, using keys and mouse, extending BaseGame class?

    Thank you very much for any help!

    protected void update(float interpolation) {

Ok, i read about Quaternions and others…now i can rotate my cam by correct rotation of the cameranode!

I fixed the problem by myself!

andretti1977 said:

I fixed the problem by myself!

Great :D