Nowhere else to turn! can someone help me with some picking in java 3d?

hi all,

i have been busy writing a simulator in java 3d (i wish i had used jme but found out about it too late).

Following on from i decided to use rays to do some sampling over an area where the sonar units would be.

Basically i want 8 finite length pick segments to provide distance information.  I have spheres which mark the start and end of the rays which are attached to the submersible, this means as it move they move with it.  Because the pick segments (the line with which you look along for intersections) has to be moved manaually (you can’t attached it to nodes) you have to keep track of the places you want to look along.  The spheres do that - see diagram.  There is a single start point for all rays, and separate end points.    The plan was then to get the global coordinates of the spheres to use as the start and end points of the rays (which would lie along the red dashed lines).  I am really stuck though because i can’t get hold of the global coordinates of the spheres.  I think it has something to do with the method

getLocalToVworld(Transform3d t)


I was desperately hoping someone on here has programmed in java 3d and done picking etc and could help me.  I think once i can get the global coordinates of objects i can insert pick segments between them ok, its just getting them!

hope someone can help me!  thanks,


Have you tried asking at