Hey, i know how to make the nuke objct, but how to detect if it have hited antoher note?

And how to create the flahs, like when it hits the floor?

the physic have to be handle with a physic engine. Jbullet does it right(will be used for jme3), and there is  a jme-jbullet project. well if you only need to know if two node are colliding the class Node has public void findCollisions(Spatial scene, CollisionResults results, int requiredOnBits), but i've never used it. bye

But, how can I create the light? like a explosion of a missile hitting the ground?

GustavoBorba said:

But, how can I create the light? like a explosion of a missile hitting the ground?

Particle effects are what you want, a tutorial is what you get! :D

Also see the jmetest.effects package, that has a few things you might like in there with names like "TestDynamicSmoker", "TestParticleSwarm", etc

But it will look a firwork, not a explosion!

if you are looking for realistic explosion "like mushroom" I think the best way is make an animation, with program like blender, and import it to your game, add some smoke.

Another way is use a cone for mushroom stalk, and half circle for the cap with a good texture, obviously this texture has to change during time for realistic effect. add smoke.

If you want them dynamic try to set many particles, they start at the explosion point, follow a focus circle(FC1) that goes up while decrementing it's size(proportion +1up/-0.01radius), and at a certain height stop the line and create here another particles that follow a focus circle(FC2). FC2 grove it's radius and decrement it's height(-1up/+10radius). Play with particles colour like change from yellow/red to grey, maybe another focus circle from explosion point to the terrain(-1up/+0.1radius), add some smoke effect at the top and voil

kaboom ! :)

in the clip i used a very simple particle effect and jme-physics.

If you use 2 or 3 different particle effects, i think you can create very nice effects.

Hey can  you give me that source code? Or just the explosion part. I would be very happy if you do it.

its nothing special, as in the other thread mentioned, you can use the jmetest.TutorialGuide.ExplosionFactory, see jmetest.TutorialGuide.TestPongCool how to use it.