NullPointerException running apks in Android 4.4.2

Good morning everybody

i have a problem when i run one app for android. The app throws a NullPointerException message. What is the problem, or someone knows, how to build the apk and run it in Android Version 4.4.2


A NullPointerException is the easiest type of exception to debug… but to do so requires the stack trace and we can’t see it.

In general, the exception name without a stack trace is a bit like just saying “I have a problem” and leaving it at that. So for the future, always include the stack trace and the exception name. Always.

yes, sorry for that.

this is the NullPointerException message when i execute an apk in mobile with android version 4.4.2 (The device is Motorola G).

Exception thrown in Thread[GLThread 2161,5,main]
java.lang.NullPointerException at
com.jme3.font.plugins.BitmapFontLoader.load( at
com.jme3.font.plugins.BitmapFontLoader.load( at
com.jme3.asset.DesktopAssetManager.loadAsset( at
com.jme3.asset.DesktopAssetManager.loadFont( at at at at
com.jme3.system.androir.OGLESContext.initlnThread( at at$GLThread.guardedRun( at$

I had made another app and i execute in android version 4.3 and this runs without problem, and i actulice the android’s version and i get that problem.


There is a bug in BitmapFontLoader that is in the stable branch. It is only triggered on newer android versions I guess… but the bug is actually in BitmapFontLoader. It was fixed in trunk/nightly but that may come with its own separate issues.

what version of JME do you use?

i use JME SDK 3.0

and i want run the app in a motorola G, OpenGL 3.0, Android 4.4.2

@nehon said: what version of JME do you use?

Ah, good question because it does look like this was fixed in stable.

@CristianGaitanG said: i use JME SDK 3.0

So you downloaded 3.0, installed it, and then never ran any updates? Or have you let the SDK update itself? (seems not)

Please let your SDK update itself and this issue should be fixed.