is there support for nurbs or higher order surfaces in jme or lwjgl?  I know there are ATI extensions to truform and Nvidia also ahs openGL extenstions but i know nothing about lwjgl so i don't know if it has those extensions, and i'm not seeing anything in jme java docs for nurb support.  My concern is i plan on making a high poly game and the geometry processing is the biggest bottleneck in computer graphics followed by to many textures across the bus.  I guess with with pci-E it doesn't matter as much but still i think older platforms with apg could benifit and even platforms with pci-E could benifit too.  Makes for more bandwidth for mip-mapping.  Whats the point of putting mip-mapping in if it is stuck in the bus thats my process of thought.

Well it's not in jME. LWJGL has lot's of features, so you might be lucky there. They also have a forum:

no luck no nurbs supported for lwjgl or jogl but I think i read they joined togethere to translate GLU over.