Nvidia 3d Vision

I hyst git nvidia 3d vision working on my computer, and it is awesome.
There have been some other posts regarding sterescopic 3d, and I waS wondering if anyone had committed something final for it into the RC. Thx. (Monkeys rule!)

BTW, edity box messed up in Firefox.

Afaik nVidia 3D vision currenly relies on DirectX and is not available for OpenGL. If this is true, then nothing can help. The talks regarding 3D in JME (at least where I took part) were that it used nVidia Quadro class videocards quad buffer for it. This is a pretty easy thing to do in raw OpenGL and some patch was proposed to the core to enable this functionality. Idk if it made it through, but still it leaves you with the need for nVidia Quadro or a Radeon videocard with quad buffer.