Nvidia cg toolkit?

Hi, I’ve been studying OpenGL. I found nvidia cg toolkit at nvidia’s home page. I just would like to ask about it. Is it useful for GLSL shader in JME?

Cg toolkit has its own compiler (cgc). It supports different OpenGL and DirectX profile targets.

As I’m newbie so I just want to know should I sudy cg toolkit for complex shaders making? Or GLSL is good enough without any additional stuff?

cg is C based programming language…



The principles of GLSL are the same, even for DirectX (HLSL) and OpenGL, so everything you learn will probably be somehow applicable to jME3. However you should be aware of the differences in the shader implementations (global variables etc.) and in fact you can easily prototype shaders in jMP by just setting up a scene with your own material.

Thanks. I think I will concentrate on GLSL…