Nvidia Physx Cards

No, and support for those cards will not be needed. The native bullet will use the GPU for acceleration. Physics cards are a dying kind before they even gained ground I'm afraid :slight_smile:

I know this isn't a hardware forum and i know that any frame rate above 60fps doesn't really matter but this is so strange. The geforce 8600 with a phenom 955 runs that jbullet vehicle demo at 1000fps. But when i switch the graphics card for a radeon 5770, the frame rate drops to about 550fps.

But other demos without physics run at nearly 3 times the frame rate as the 8600. wtffffff.

My other pc which has a geforce 9400 and an old core 2 duo 1.86ghz runs that jbullet vehicle phsyics demo at 700fps.

Somethings not right.

The JBullet Vehicle bullet runs at 400 fps for me (also 5770).

But the one included in jME3 runs at 1500 fps :smiley:

And what normen said is right, this is jbullet, not physx, so there's no acceleration.

Bullet are planning to support CUDA from what I hear (or already support it) but obviously its not available in the Java version.

thanks guys. ok physx is just a separate api altogether. got it. I figured out the problem with the fps in that demo.

The FPS counter code is wrong when the frame rate goes above 1000. The real average fps im getting is 2200.  :smiley: .