OBB not correct for animated model?


I made this little blender->jme xml test using a modified TestBinaryXml and noticed that bounding boxes ( OBB ) seem translated off the model when used on animated models.

The size of the OBB seem to be computed crorrectly but they are offset, and drifting off even worse when the model is animating.

Is this a limitation of OBB ? or my fault ?

I cant seem to upload the sample scene because it's larger than the allowed 20000 chars per message and i don't want to spam the forum with it.

so if You want it tell me where to put.

No need, I can see the issue simply by changing TestScenegraph or TestMaxJmeWrite to OrientedBoundingBox.  I'll look into it.

There was a bug in the OBB - OBB merge code.  This is fixed in cvs.

Thanks ! this definately looks better.

But i noticed that the blender xml exporter creates a model root node above the model and this is rotated to compensate for different coordinate systems.

if i set all rotations of this node to 0.0 then the bounding works ok. otherwise it is still offset.

Is this the expected behaviour ?