OBJ Importer Issues

The OBJ file importer is fairly picky when it comes to whitespace.  I have found that changing the following line:


in the removeEmpty method to:


Seems to help significantly with the accuracy of the model loading (most notably, missing textures).  Many exporters write textures out with the texture detail information tabbed/spaced in, causing the importer to miss them.

Also, it seems that many exporters have no problem writing u/v coordinates out of the [0-1] range.  When they do this, they assume that WRAP will be used as the texture bounding mode, however CLAMP is the current default.  I added the following line:


to the method processLine, here:

            Texture t=new Texture();



which causes these OBJ files to import correctly.  I have not yet seen an obj file which uses the CLAMP mode, although I guess this is possible.  If this is the case, perhaps a property could be set on the converter and used here?


changes made and committed. Thank you!

this is related to obj importer, some modeling programs export with 4 verts to a face not 3 this may or may not be obj standard but does it hurt to add it in?