Obj loading in

TestObjJmeWrite. Only loads geometry, don’t plan on supporting curves. Currently smoothinggroups are ignored, but will be supported soon. Support for texture files with textures and materials is next as well.

you’re a machine, man :slight_smile:

No need for the curves…When an engine does use splines/patches, it does not use OBJ as a format, anyway :slight_smile: Most free , or cheap tools can’t deal even with curves.

Woah, another format more…

Ok materials and texture support is in. That’s about as far as the .obj format goes. There’s a new test file that shows them off. Try out TestObjJmeWrite if you’re interested. Smoothing group’s are on hold for now. Not really needed considering the .obj format can store normals, which override smoothing groups.

I think the .jme format shines here. The information in .obj files, if read and used directly is very inefficient, so in the converter I try to optimize my usage of it by reusing indexes as much as I can for instance, and by using the same trimesh to show information in multiple group sections that use the same material. And spending the extra bit of time optimizing the .obj is ok because the release game will just load the .jme. I tried out some .obj files with around 20,000 vertexes that take a really long time to load directly from .obj for other engines but take less than a second for jME after in jme’s binary format.

So consider .obj complete.