Obj Loading Problems

Hi, I have several obj files that work only partially when imported into jme.

→ For some Faces the Normals seem to be wrong

→ Thus the Tangentgenerator cant work as supposed wich leads tu huge grafic artifacts.

The intresting thing is:

If I load it with DeleD(see the tools section its a free model programm)

and export it again with explicitly setting normals it works.

Now the intresting thing is, what does Deled does that it can read the normals from the unmodified file correctly, that jme does not?

Any suggestions in wich direction I should start searching?

Also what are exactly the Specifications of the curent OBJ importet? (Like what does it expect to be there, what does it need, ect)

I’m using Blender for OBJ export and it works good. Don’t forget the correct settings.


When something doesn’t work like face problems than its usually a modeling problem. Don’t forget to export only a clean model. Blender for example has various options like removing double verts(w->remove doubles) and recalculating the normals(ctrl+n). In Blender i often don’t see any problems but they are there ;).

There’s a few things you need to do. First check the normals in blender to make sure they are correct, then export the model to OBJ with the “Normals” and “HQ Normals” options checked

What does the HQNormals change, I don’t really understand what it does, since as far as I know there are either normals in the obj or not. ?

I sometimes get problems if I export both UV and materials. This is the most compatible settings i use which I find work most of the time:

and i have no idea what HQ normals are either :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe it simply exports normals per vertex and not per face. It is the correct option to use when exporting to jME3