Object has no content

Hello Guys Im New to JMONKEY. what i am currently doing is practicing with Tutorials.So I downloaded a .obj file of an AK 47 and loaded it in the game.It is loading perfectly but not correctly i dont know how to tell that so ive uploaded the image of that plz check and tell


as you can see the Original gun is missing plz tell why!!!

Did you load a texture for it?

i downloaded the zip there was only a single .Obj file what should i do?

Read some more tutorials on models and textures.

Well the texture was missing ^^.

obj needs at least one texture, to appear textured, as it is not capable of storing texture internally.

Aight Guys thanks for the help.Now i’ve added a texture and my picture looks like this


actually the texture was for the butt of the Gun so it is wood.I also wanna add the rest of the texture like the gun metal.so how to do that.the butt should be in this texture and the rest should be in gun metal

Also as Obj cant store texture internally what can?

it will be cool if i simply load the model and don’t worry about textures.is there any model formats which makes this easy!!!

and guys Im a noob here so be kind!!

You have to edit that model in a modelling tool and set the texture for each part of the model individually

Well actually both the obj and the mesh.xml works quite good. however you don#t have a full model there, but only a part of it.

(Like if you buy only the carframe, you cannot expect to have tires)