Objects disapear when I move camera?

I am having some sort of trouble, when I move the camera around the screen turns black, it’s only in certain angles.

If I zoom out alot, generally it works fine from all different angles, but if I am closer to my objects in certain angles it goes all black? Just as little as 0.1f rotation on camera (checked by pressing C during testing) can cause screen to go black.

I don’t understand where the problem could be? Anyone got any ideas why this can happen?

Could be several things.

Have you got a sky box, in your scene? if so, try to set it to never be culled


it also could be a tangent problem, try that :


on every model of your scene

if it doesn’t work, could you post screens and source code for the issue, please?

If you’re creating meshes manually, then you have to make sure the bounding volume is re-generated after every modification to the vertices. You can update it using Mesh.updateBound().

I am not using a sky box. I will try the Tangent thingy after work.

I did not create meshes manually, it’s a few simple square boxes with textures, tiled 20x20.

I will return with screens if tangents does not work.