(October 2017) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

It’s normal: if u are using model with bigger traingle density you get more accurate lighting.

The answer is not as simple as that… which is why I suggested another thread. Some lighting materials calculate lighting per fragment… some don’t.

…but if we want to turn the screenshots thread into a troubleshooting thread then that’s fine. I can always start a troubleshooting thread to post screen shots to. :slight_smile:


Ghoul casting a disease spell on player:


The suggestions were heard. I added easy key actions list to the game :smiley: with Lemur.


Finally we were able to add falling trees to our game qb :blush:

The idea was to generate a separate mesh from the voxel structure to visualize a smooth movement of the tree. After that a collision vector was calculated to prevent that the tree is stucked into the ground. At the end the original voxel structure of the tree will be reconstructed and matched to the angle of the collision vector.

For some reason uploading an image gave me an error message. Therefore there is only this video:


use either imgur or if you want animated gif use giphy and place here the link. the images will then automatically be embedded here.
upload pictures is turned off because of disc space problems or the like.

Ah ok thank you, I didn’t know that

Not a WIP of any description, but nonetheless interesting; The farthest dated webpage of jmonkey I could find. March 11th 2005. I’m pretty sure the I’ve read 50 of those same threads in the last few years alone.



Wow thousands of posts listed there. I would never have imagined that jme had such a high popularity back then.

And then there was what, Java 5? It must’ve been a lot slower back then, not to mention the machines it was running on. Anyone remembers what kind of capabilities jme 1.0 had?

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No need to use wayback machine… We have our own :slight_smile:

Here’s the same thread in the current forum:

Our current forum should have every post ever made, thanks to all the migrations over the years.


I’m quite busy with my game and polished a bit my first battle ground, still a lot work ahead.


Quickload/repair basically.


Speaking of history. This video popped up in my Youtube feed today:


Now we have 14 years… time files…


we’re getting old…

Reworked the muzzle flash (okay it’s more of a muzzle fire, but thats fine)

And I had fun with explosive chairs :wink:


Just as a tip:
For Hostile Sector I used a single “flash” image that was emitted for a very short while (but not moving) from the muzzle. It gives it a “faster” look :slight_smile:


I too, agree. You should rethink your strategy.

Make a node, put two of these in a + fashion facing away from the gun (or billboard one), then one of these with its normal alligned along the gun barrel. Then just attach it for a few frames, maybe decrease it in size each frame slightly.

I mostly find that it looks good without the star one as well if you have a strong bloom filter

Or just have only the star billboard itself and flash that. Iirc that’s how it worked in GTA SA.


Just looking at your gif there. The gunner on the left I think might be this guy:


I’ve been working on improving the main menu and designing a user-friendly settings interface, not very exciting but still necessary

I started using Sky Control for my game, and I decided it would also be a good back drop for the main menu scene so I don’t have to attempt more art. Thanks @sgold for the awesome sky alternative you provided. My next goal is to go back and do the final animations for a lot of models, so I’ll also be learning and starting to use MAUD in the not too distant future :slight_smile: