(October 2017) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

More progress on the UI part: Ship selection screen including preview of the selected model. In the animated gif there are Assault, Patrol and Defender space ship of the Hot Fuzz team


Everyone is working on the UI , so I worked at mine too. I made my control keys list openable because on laptops with resolution … x 768 down part of the list was hidden.


Golem casting VOTE FOR SKULLSTONE spell. All of you are under the influence.

EDIT: Lizard is casting some other spell:


Results will be shown after end of the voting part of the contest.

As you command Golem


No idea what I’m voting for, but did so anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Must’ve been a high dmg roll.



“The idea behind FreeGalaktus contest is very simple. Games can be
submitted from 11.09 2017 till 31.10.2017 and we award two teams – one
selected by Jury’s Choice and the second selected via People’s Choice
poll. As a professional PR Agency, we will prepare a completely free PR
Campaign for both winners.


I finally got around to making the title logo for my game


Using signed distance function to create a creature:


Dining corner:


Two things I made recently: A new set of bot parts that will be found in an archeology campaign in singleplayer, and a coliseum map for multiplayer.


Presenting the Alligator-Type Ronald Railgun.


Unfortunately, I still don’t have anything video game related to show.

Lately, my free time has been taken making a guitar. For some reason, this idea got into my head a couple months ago and I couldn’t shake it. I would fall asleep thinking about it… eventually I decided to do something about it.

Here is the final result:

I bought the neck but made the body myself.

Here are some shots from before I put the chameleon paint (and all of the clear coat) on… just satin black undercoat:

In that pic, I laid all of the pieces in just to see what it would look like. Instead of the neck, I have a piece of wood bolted in to hold it while I paint. That’s one major difference between this and a real Les Paul… the neck is bolted on instead of mortises. a) it was 100x easier, and b) the neck I bought was bolt on so I had little choice in the end.

Here is a shot from the end that shows the curves a little better:

My regular guitar is a Gibson Les Paul so I chose to make one like that. In retrospect, it’s a little like a new game dev jumping right into making an MMO. It’s definitely one of the hardest type of guitar bodies to make.

Tonight I finally got it wired up properly and played it. The fret board needs a lot of reconditioning but after a truss rod adjustment, the action is really nice. Even the intonation was pretty decent right off the bat… actually it’s better than me regular Les Paul that needs some bridge adjustments. I’m really happy about that because I spent almost an hour measuring and remeasuring where the bridge posts would go and then drilling up from a pilot hole to the full size, one bit size at a time (probably 12 bits) to make sure it didn’t drift.

Placing the bridge in the right place is kind of the difference between having an instrument and having something pretty to hang on the wall, really. Paranoia paid off, I guess.


Damn. I did this with a friend and we found it difficult enough even with a bought body, clear coat stayed soft forever aswell. Looks like you did an amazing job.

I’m going to pretend that Learn To Read book in the background was bought for you :stuck_out_tongue:

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What? I can’t understand these strange characters you have written…

TBH, I have no idea what that book is. That’s the “shelf of books with no better place to be” from when I did a major house cleaning but didn’t want to throw some books away. I’m going to have to check what it is later as I don’t remember having it. (Though do note: I have two kids so it could be related to that.)

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Don’t really want to digress too much in this topic, but I have 12 coats of clear on and yeah, it’s still a bit soft in that if I leave it sitting on something that something will leave an impression. It normally takes a week or more for lacquer to cure but with the 12 rapid coats I put on, I expect it will be at least a month before I can set it on something without the back getting a slight impression. Fortunately, I hang it on the wall.

Thanks. Pictures don’t show all of the little mistakes.

And I learned one valuable lesson… if you put a gloss base coat down (like the chameleon paint), make sure to wipe down any fingerprints before clear coating. There are a couple of my fingerprints permanently embedded in clear coat. :slight_smile:

But that’s a feature…

Heheh… that’s more or less what my wife said, too.

I gotta say, there is something about making an instrument. It feels very strange to pull it down off the wall… it feels like a “real guitar”. Like someone else made it and I just bought it. But it wouldn’t be here if I didn’t make it. Very hard to describe unless you’ve created something physical like that, I guess.

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Hmhmm yess of course. fetches fingerprint powder and mobile scanner :wink:

Look closely.


Even closer!

36 tris flat donut, 1D texture mapped around, uncircular parts discarded, noise texture sampled twice at different scales and time offsets.

Dem shaders dou.


Call it the string theory :slight_smile: