Oculus Rift v0.5 SDK Support

I spoke with @jherico – he hopes to get to updating JOVR to the latest this week. When that happens, I’ll get it put into this library. Hopefully the new DLL process will make updating this library easier.

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Did you receive any email when it was released? I just found out the other day when i checked the Oculus site. Previously I received an email every time the SDK was released.

I did not receive an e-mail. I found out when browsing the oculus subreddit…

So, I’m definitely not going to be doing any more work on JOVR for compatibility with 0.5.x. I’ve seen an alpha version of the 0.6 SDK API and it’s very different. Since 0.4.4 and 0.5 are essentially identical, and 0.4.4 will work against the 0.5 (and I believe the 0.6 runtime).

Once the 0.6 SDK becomes available publicly I may start working on building a binding again.

Thank you for the update. However, I’m more than tempted to just switch completely to OpenVR. Oculus Rift’s API is changing so often, it is hard to maintain. OpenVR gets us Vive support & hopefully will be a little more consistent.