ODE Gyroscopic Inertia


In this thread http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/jmeforum/index.php?topic=9294.0 someone talks about a compiler option for ODE called “Gyroscopic Inertia”.

I have been struggling with this effect in my simulation. To me gyroscopic inertia is undesirable and I would like to disable it. Even better, I would like to disable on a dynamic object basis.

Can someone develop on this option? If it is possible to disable it per node, I would be glad to write a patch. If not, I would be very grateful if someone points me to a general guideline on how to disable it.


Not sure about this. Please read the ODE docs or post on the ODE mailing list to clarify that.

Thank you Irrisor. Researching now. Will post the results here.

From ode-users list:

> My question: I am trying to find out whether gyroscopic term can be
> enabled or disabled on a per dynamic body basis.

Yes, it can, since rev 1536 from the SVN. Not on 0.10.1 though. We
might have a new release soon.

I will research this and possibly add suport for this to JMEPhysics.

Any quick recommendation? Something already considered I should now?