ODE Internal Error 2

Hi all,

I've started seeing this message (accompanied by a crash):

ODE INTERNAL ERROR 2: invalid operation for locked space in dSpaceAdd()

I'm guessing it's some kind of concurrency issue, but any idea what I'm likely to be doing wrong?

Right, that's what I'd figured.

Is it OK to update the positions of DynamicPhysicsNodes in other threads before they've been added to the scenegraph?

Cheers for the quick response!

ODE does not support reentrance or multi-threading. Be sure to have only one thread accessing ODE (space update and geometric state update) and do not alter the scene or dynamics in any callback.

You can modify the local vectors/quaternion where you want (before and after addition to a parent). But you cannot call updateGeometricState/updateWorldVectors without affecting ODE.