Official docs broken?

Been strolling through the official documentaiton recently and noticed that there were lots of somewhat broken pages with stuff missing, like

Could pose a problem for newcomers, is this to be fixed?

I remember those docs were fine some time ago…

I think this is the official docs now:

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Except those aren’t the links at the top of the page… so you’d have to tell us where you found them if it’s a place that newcomers will see.

If I’m not mistaken those links are usually returned when searching for jmonkey documentation through google. For example when I searched for “jmonkey documentation” I usually get the link.

Mmm… tough to fix that one, I guess.

Shouldn’t be too hard. Whoever is registered as webmaster for jme at google has to clear the google’s cache and at next crawl it should be fixed.

Fixed it by removing DNS records for and Not sure how to get them to crawl instead though.