OffScenePanel with InputManager?

If i wanna implement the input manager on OffScenePanel could i override the OffScenePanel’s preFrame(float f) method to update my input manager? Could i do thus?..



public void preFrame(float f) {




Should i instance my input manager or get the SceneApplication.getApplication().getInputManager()?

Why do you want to implement InputManager? If you just want to listen for input you should use Action/AnalogListener instead

Then if i just implement the Action/AnalogListener how should i register it? The inputManager is the only source i know that could register my listener.

SceneApplication.getApplication() has an InputManager you can use

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In the physics-editor i’m implementing a wizard for tests of physics vehicle nodes, then in this wizard there’s a OffScenePanel( that preview model of the model importer wizard ) that’s the test viewer. So in this OffScenePanel i’m trying to implement key inputs for the vehicle movements, but the inputManager isn’t responding ( this OffScenePanel there’s a chaseCam that isn’t responding also to the inputManager). So i’m needing help, I’ll be grateful. Screenshot :

If you’re using OffScenePanel you should be able to use standard AWT/Swing input