Offscreen rendering helper classes

Recently I spent some time creating a system to perform offscreen rendering easily. I wanted to be able to simply take a model, a camera and get the thing rendered without too much hassle. After some experiments, I came up with some (actually relatively simple) helper classes that provide an OffscreenRenderer that is able to manage any number of OffscreenRenderables, which basically consist of a root node and a camera.

These classes are very easy to use and the renderer is designed to consume no CPU resources when unused. Since I believe this code may be of use to others, I have documented it and packaged into something that is easy to use. See the sources for some sample code.

Download the jar.

Download the javadocs.

Download the netbeans project source.

If you spot any bugs, or have suggestions for improvements, please let me know!


Cool, thanks for sharing!

This is nice. Thanks.

Where is the camera used? Could you please show an example where the camera is set?