Offset camera in charactercontrol? (solved)

Is there a way to offset the camera inside a CharacterControl? I know how to offset the model using a node, but I’m trying to get the camera at head level on the model while still fitting the model inside of the control. So far I’m stuck with the camera in the center of the CharacterControl.

Edit: Nevermind… turns out this was a stupid question. I hadn’t looked at my code in a while and the reason the charactercontrol controlled the camera was because I put cam.setLocation(player.getPhysicsLocation()) in the update loop. All I needed to do was change it to cam.setLocation(player.getPhysicsLocation().add(x)).

can you post an example (bit of code)

i tried the .add(… and the camera goes wild and misoriented

never understood why

what camera are you using ?

do you attach it as a child of the main spatial ?

in any case i could not make it work

please help ?