Ogg vorbis

Hi all,

Back after a long hiatus…

I have added an ogg/vorbis loading method in SoundSystem (lwjgl) and updated the TestSoundGraph with an ogg sample for background music.

Streaming is still not implemented…(got to take time for it… :? ).

I have also corrected the listeners orientation bug against the camera.

I don’t have any plans yet for the sound part. All suggestions are welcome.

Welcome back Arman! I’ve missed you. :slight_smile:

Great, I’m glad you have supported Ogg Vorbis, that takes care of the lack of MP3 support and we don’t have a stupid license issue. Good job.

I’ll start thinking about any cool sound features we could have and suggest them to you.

Welcome back.

Everyone, don’t forget to add the two new jars, ogg and vorbis jars, to your project or it won’t build.

Maybe you should rebuild all in eclipse and if doesn’t work you can suppress the project from workspace and recreate it without deleting the project contents.

I got those exact same errors, and adding both jars to the project fixed them.

What IDE are you using? I can go through it step by step if you are using Eclipse.

In Eclipse, right click the project name.

Select Properties

Click Java Build Path

Select the Libraries Tab

Click Add External Jars…

Navigate to the jme/lib directory where Jorbis and Jogg jars are.

Select both and click Open

Click OK

The project should rebuild and you shouldn’t have any errors.

If you are NOT using Eclipse, let us know what you are using and I’m sure someone can help you.

Hmmm, sounds like an Eclipse bug. I’ve ran into similar things (downloading latest from CVS and it won’t pick up the changes in the rebuild). In those cases, I found closing and restarting sometimes helped. I’m using 3M8, it seems to be pretty stable (I was using 3M6 before and that one gave me my rebuilding problems).

Arman, you rock! :slight_smile: Everything built fine in JBuilder X :stuck_out_tongue:

rich bugger :stuck_out_tongue:

hardly, it’s nice when you get dev tools from your job.