Ogre exporter one skeleton for whole file

I created a model with makeHuman and added clothes in Blender. The model and clothing share the same skeleton but have different materials. When I export them via ogre, they have different skeleton and animcontrols. Normally this isn’t a problem because I can simply trigger the animations on the body and the clothes simultaneously but I get problems when I try to use the KinematicRagdollControl with such a model. This is the structure:

I need to have one KinematicRagdollControl for the entire model but as I have several SkeletonControls and the parent doesn’t have one I can’t simply add it to the parent. I also tried adding the same KinematicRagdollControl to all the children but I can only add a KinematicRagdollControl to one node (when I try to add it to another one it gets deleted at the first node) so I need to find a way to move the SkeletonControl and AnimControl to the parent node (or tell Ogre that it should just export one Skeleton- and AnimControl for the entire model). Is this possible?
The only other solution I could think of is using only one KinematicRagdollControl and copying the bone transformations manually to the other SkeletonControls but I’d like to avoid that.


Having separate materials isn’t a good idea anyway. Make a texture atlas (all textures on one big texture) and use that to get one material and hence one geometry.

Thanks normen, that is working fine. This makes everything a lot more uncomplicated with the AnimControl and so on. But why aren’t seperate materials a good idea? Performance-wise or is there another reason? As it is a lot less work to create a new material in blender than setting up a texture atlas. And afaik you can’t tile textures in an atlas.
But my issue is resolved, thanks!

Yes, performance wise.

I was having the same issue, how did you group them then? Using alt+ J for join?

I didn’t try any further, I couldn’t get blender to merge them but have seperate (and correctly named) Geometries.
If you have one Atlas and Material, can you still deselect/select Parts? (using setCullMode I guess).
Did it work without alpha issues? (i was having because hair has alpha Information whereas the body Mesh didn’t have)

And it seems there is a blender way to have this easily done? (atlassing)

Last question: does that have anything to do with jmes texture Atlas Tool or does it simply work using uv’s

Okay thanks normen.

You first need to create your TextureAtlas and material. Then you can adapt the uv maps of each model individually to match the atlas. After you’ve done that, you have to name all of the UV maps exactly the same and then join the models using CTRL + J.

But when you join them you can’t select the seperate parts again, no. The only thing you could do is creating a vertex group for each ‘part’ and putting all the vertices into that group, then you coudl quickly select them in edit mode.
I can’t tell you about the alpha thing as I don’t have any alpha geometry in my scene.
I don’t know about any easier way than doing it like this and no, I didn’t use JME’s tool.

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Mutiple modele can use the same Material so you don’t have to join the object, you just need them to have the UV right.
If you want to use alpha you need the material to handle the alpha, other than that it work as when having multiple material.

But afaik yout then still will have different SkeletonControls after exporting as they are different models.

On that part i can’t tell, i know that in blender skeleton can be shared over multiple object even over multiple file, but idn if when importing in jme the SkeletonControls is a reference to the shared skeleton or it is the original skeleton duplicated, i sincerely can’t tell, someone more aware maybe can tell, maybe @normen if he don’t mind.