Ogre Mesh Exporter Problems

Hey guys !

I new to modelling and this is my first attempt. I tried it like in the video of you shown. But something went wrong. Heres the Model:


First it says:

Error: Face(s) without material assignment in obj “cylinder”, mesh “cylinder”!

Then in repeats many times:

warning: Error in normailzation! Face of mesh “Cylinder” too small.

When I import it anyway in JMonkey it looks like this:

One wing is missing and it realy tiny.

Check the help of the exporter if you’re only using compatible material settings in blender. Also, the exporter will not work with textures that are packed into the blend file.

This model probably won’t work well at all in jME.

There are a lot of thin and intersecting faces and the normals are wrong. It doesn’t look correct even in Blender or the render preview. I don’t think there’s much that can be done except manually fixing every part of it.

Is there any modelling guideline for jmonkey arround ? Or a good tutorial for a beginner like me ? I could close the open meshes but would it help me ? I noticed that some parts are overlapping is this the problem ?

Theres two links to tutorials on how to export OgreXML from Blender to jME in the wiki:


Also if you want tutorials about blender, i recommend http://www.blendercookie.com/

Hello, thank you for your answers. I decided to start a bit easier now, heres my new model a simple sphere with a texture. I did it like explained in a blendercookie tutorial so I think I couldnt do many wrong. The problem now is that external material wont export with the model and its not possible to rename and edit the materials.xml to solve the problem with the missing material. I rly didnt get whats wrong heres my model for you to check:



Can someone plz help me ^^

It would be a big step to my modeliing if I get this one here working, so I can try with more complex ones in the future.

Thx in advance !


One Thing I could suggest ( since rapid share is delaying me from downloading the 2nd file ) is, assign the material to the Obj, instead of material file in blender. Then in the export options, try: Export as render material with Ogre, and Copy textures. set the export dir. don’t apply modifiers or OgreXML converter (binary).

Hope this helps some. But most of my experience has been with UV mapped textures.

I did it ! Thank you very much everyone ! But i only could do it with a simple Sphere. A new Problem occoured with something more advanced. But it think this is more a problem for a blender forum. Will be back here when the blender community cant help me further.

Your faithfully uNMd ;]