Ogre scene loading and transparency

Hi there,

I have a question about Ogre material and transparency.

I load an entire Ogre scene in my application. and in this scene, there are plane with png texture.

But in my application transparent area of the png appears to be black. Am i force to get planes one by one from the root node and active the transparency, or is there anoher solution ?

Hope this is clear ;D.


Did you enable transparency for the plane in the modeling tool?

Yep, i am using 3DSMax, i got a nice render in it, i guess that the ogre material exported is good but …doesn’t work.

I don’t know how jme3 deals with ogre material by the way, maybe i miss something.


Ok after a quick look at the source code of the material loader, i found the problem. It appears that i am doing wrong in editing material in 3DSMax.

I just add a lign in my material file and it works.Now I just need to find where is the option in 3DSMax ;D.

Thanks for the help !!