Ogre scenes

they support non uv mapped texturesmaterials too right :? as in "orco" I think they call it in blender…this is my first real run at game level texturing, I tried to take a look at how it is done in the jme3 Q3 test level, but the materials couldn't be imported, got an error - something about more than 16 materials per object or something like that.

The non-UV mapping modes generate the UV coordinates from other data, like the vertex position, etc. Although it's possible in OpenGL to some extent, there's no 1:1 mapping between all those modes in Blender to those in jME/OpenGL, so this is unsupported.

In general many features used by Blender are not supported, because they are not designed for real time rendering. For example the procedural textures.

thank you for the info, I now have a better idea of how to proceed

thanks again :slight_smile: