Ogre XML export question

Hi guys, I just want to ask something about exporting 3D model from blender to JME via Ogre XML.

So when I export model, my problem is, that when I convert it to j3o, and open it in scene composer, Anim and Skeleton Control is in each node, so when I want to set animation of my model, I have to go to each child node to set animControl.

Can you give me advice how to export model so I will have only one AnimControl and SkeletonControl for all nodes?

I will be very thankfull for that

I have never had this problem. Is the model all 1 object in blender? Perhaps you need to select all the parts and ctrl+j?

Or if you just want to call an animation on all animcontrols simultaneously, you can use a scenegraphvisitor. Have a look at this: http://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/doku.php/jme3:advanced:traverse_scenegraph

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Thank you so much, ctrl+j is great solution :slight_smile: