Ogre XML model performance

I am importing multiple Ogre XML models. Once I have imported over about 50 models I start getting degraded at 150 models I am only able to achieve about 9-12 fps. The model has 3762 verts, 1254 triangles.

I have tested on 2 systems.

System 1

Intel Core2 Duo 2.67ghz

8 GB Ram

ATI Radeon 3670

System 2

Intel i7 Quad core 1.8

8GB Ram

Ati Radeon 5870

Is there something that I am missing to improve performance?

Would I need to reduce the number of verts since I am loading so many models?

I also tried converting the model to the j3o format but I get an error when I try and import the the model. “Material parameter is not defined: ParallaxHeight”

Any insight would be very helpful.

Please let me know if you need more information.

You don’t need to import the model 150 times just do it once then clone() it to create new instances.

If I clone it will I be able to control each models animations individually?

The problem is not ogre here, the problem is that you have a lot of objects in the scene.

150 skinned objects can be a bit hardcore. Skinning works by updating the mesh’s vertex buffers according to bone’s transformations, this process can be expensive.

Then, there are some technique for skeletal animated crowds, the most popular is hardware skinning, but JME does not support it yet.

Also are your models in one Geometry or do they have several geometries? this can be an issue.

The GPU doesn’t handle very well a large number of draw calls, so merging your models in one geometry can help.

Each of my models is its own spatial. It sounds like I will need to either do LOD on my model or reduce the number of verticies. I tested my application with the Ninja model and it seems to do better.

How would I create all of my models in one geometry?

Currently I am loading the model and then calling clone to create a new model. All of the models will be animating independently of one another.