Ogre3D: anyone used it?

Ogre3D is an Object Oriented GPL scene graph coded in C++. From what I can tell, it’s the biggest (most used) of all the open scene graphs. We can’t take their code cause it’s GPL not BSD license, but we can learn from their design. Was wonering if anyone had taken a look at it, and had any thoughts about what they liked in how it worked that’s different from jME’s design?

I have experimented with Axiom, a C# port of Ogre3D. And I have to say, i am impressed with it. But I didn’t delve too much. I presume if you looked at Axiom (http://www.axiom3d.org), it would be an easier read to understand the concepts…


Actually, I used Ogre3D for quite a while before I began jME. In fact, I wrote a little game in it (unfortunately, it was destroyed in the great laptop crash of '03). It’s nice, and quite a few articles of inspiration came from it.

Actually, the one thing that it does that really impresses me, that I keep wanting to investigate doing is almost all attributes of the scene can be described in their property files. For instance we have .jme to describe scenes, but we could also have a .particle, .material, UI layout, etc.

Basic designs are not too far different, they have more advanced features due to it’s age.

Before I started programing in java I was looking into programing with Ogre3D.

There use of .material may be the solution to ower problem with multipass.

They are a Graphics engine not a game engine like jme is.

There are some things I did not like about Ogre3D such as the fact that you could not overload there classes.

perhaps you might want to take a look at http://www.whogotgame.net/9thlife/

which is an open source rpg developed with ogre 0.14!

If anyone is interested i am developing a ogre mesh loader for JME!