OgreMax Export Model

Hi, how do I export a material from a model in 3ds Max ?

I use Export Scene in OgreMax, but when I import the model in jME it has no texture.
The .material file looks like this:
[java]material 3-Default



Create a j3m file for it and load it and set it. see the wiki tutorials. (As the ogre exporter can only use diffuse maps at most anyway)

Make sure when you ,yo model : name.mesh and yo material is name.material , if the blender importer gives you the error message : could not find name.material ,then this is all you need to do. Yo material and model should have the same name

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@Rhymez - the .mesh, .material, .mesh.xml have the same name.

Then it could be that you might not have loaded your image in the textures panel if the problem is with Max. Then you should probably create a material file for every geometry of your model by going to the scene composer ,select a geometry ,in the properties panel under material select create then modify your material ,if your textures didnt load ,you can load them seperately so that you set them to model