OgreMAX light object parse (quadratic vs quadric)

I don't know if this is another of ogreMAX's odd quirks but on an export with a light it doesn't save the quadratic value with the tag "quadratic" but "quadric".

Right now the SceneLoader.java code looks for "quadratic" and will start giving null pointer exceptions since it can't find anything in the .scene file with the name "quadratic". Adding some catching and having it look for "quadric" fixed it.

Is there another exporter from 3dsmax to ogrexml then ogreMAX? Or a better way of doing it since I seem to find odd bugs with the exporter? I'm just trying to avoid a pipeline of 3ds to blender or something and then to ogrexml.



PS. Speaking of ogremax how goes the physics and rotation thing?

Found something else.

It seems the variable "texture" isn't initialized correctly in function plugins.ogre.MaterialLoader.java function readTextureUnitStatment().

If it finds a texture alias it tries to do a setName for texture, but texture hasn't been initialized and throws a null pointer exception.



Yeah, i also have some texture nulllpointer related problems with ogremax currently

Both of these issues should be fixed in latest revision.