OgreXML + Textures

Hi All,

This isn’t strictly a JME related question, however I was wondering whether anybody else manages to displays a textured version of my sand_tanker model? Both mesh.xml and .blend can be downloaded here: http://rapidshare.com/files/449488219/model.zip

As I am no artist and have no CGI experience, I purchased the original model some months ago. I converted it using Blender, but for some reason this specific model has a red texture when visualizing it using JME. I suspect that I’m screwing up the conversion process somewhere. Any tips?


Very often it’s because the material file should have the same name as the mesh.xml file.

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Yup, it already has.

There are two issues:

The material name referenced in the mesh file is “BaseWhite” while in the material file its called “Material.001”

And also the material file references a texture called “sand_tanker.jpg” while in your zip the texture is called “tanker.jpg”.

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@Momoko: Thanks! Works now. Silly mistake to make.