OgreXMLTools added to jMonkeyPlatform

I added the OgreXMLTools for windows and mac to jMonkeyPlatform. This means you can now right-click an OgreXML file in the assets folder and select “advanced JME binary convert” to allow entering further options for conversion.


  • mesh gets cleaned/optimized
  • create tangents (needed for normal maps)
  • create LOD meshes

    This tool depends on the command line tools for OgreXML. I dont have a linux installation and cannot get the command line tools for linux from the ubuntu package to include them, so anyone who can give me the command line tools (v1.7) for Linux would be very welcome.

    Windows command line tool extraction should work but again I dont have windows so please somebody check this as well.

    To check it out, simply update your jMonkeyPlatform via Tools->Plugins.



Did I ever said… that i LUV 'ya?!

How much info do you need? This is what the program reports on my x86_64 with Ogre 1.7.1

OgreXMLConvert: Converts data between XML and OGRE binary formats.
Provided for OGRE by Steve Streeting

Usage: OgreXMLConverter [options] sourcefile [destfile]

Available options:
-i             = interactive mode - prompt for options
(The next 4 options are only applicable when converting XML to Mesh)
-l lodlevels   = number of LOD levels
-v lodvalue     = value increment to reduce LOD
-s lodstrategy = LOD strategy to use for this mesh
-p lodpercent  = Percentage triangle reduction amount per LOD
-f lodnumtris  = Fixed vertex reduction per LOD
-e             = DON'T generate edge lists (for stencil shadows)
-r             = DON'T reorganise vertex buffers to OGRE recommended format.
-t             = Generate tangents (for normal mapping)
-td [uvw|tangent]
           = Tangent vertex semantic destination (default tangent)
-ts [3|4]      = Tangent size (3 or 4 components, 4 includes parity, default 3)
-tm            = Split tangent vertices at UV mirror points
-tr            = Split tangent vertices where basis is rotated > 90 degrees
-o             = DON'T optimise out redundant tracks & keyframes
-d3d           = Prefer D3D packed colour formats (default on Windows)
-gl            = Prefer GL packed colour formats (default on non-Windows)
-E endian      = Set endian mode 'big' 'little' or 'native' (default)
-x num         = Generate no more than num eXtremes for every submesh (default 0)
-q             = Quiet mode, less output
-log filename  = name of the log file (default: 'OgreXMLConverter.log')
sourcefile     = name of file to convert
destfile       = optional name of file to write to. If you don't
                 specify this OGRE works it out through the extension
                 and the XML contents if the source is XML. For example
                 test.mesh becomes test.xml, test.xml becomes test.mesh
                 if the XML document root is <mesh> etc.

Uh… info?? :slight_smile:

I need binary versions (executables) for linux so I can include them in the plugin, do you have it compiled for Linux? If so it would be cool if you could send the binaries to me (a static binary would be best, even if its big)…



Here is the dynamically linked executable for i586 and x86_64

I will try to get the executable for both i586 and x86_64 statically linked soon.

duenez said:

Here is the dynamically linked executable for i586 and x86_64
I will try to get the executable for both i586 and x86_64 statically linked soon.

Great! Thank you very much!