Old Desura publisher logo for badge

Cool idea to have publisher badge for Steam and Desura! :chimpanzee_amused:

However, the desura logo is the old one, now is a red furry monster…

Right you are, I forgot about that silly rebranding after the new owner. Unnecessary imo, I liked the old logo :frowning:

p.s. How did you discover these new badges? Didn’t expect anyone (besides the receivers) to find out about it until I made an announcement.

p.p.s. you should stop using our custom smileys until we figure out why they aren’t rendering. The shortcode might not be permanent either.

Top right Hamburger menu-> Badges :wink:

Plus you see the badges on the profiles. Badges are intended to be shown, not hidden :wink:

He he I know, I just didn’t think many people explored that hamburger menu. It’s not very prominent. Badges will be receiving more attention in later versions of Discourse though.