On press and on release actions on the same key

hmm separate animations based on length of button held. This is interesting to me as well i would like to know of any ideas. Originally i thought of just combining it to one animation and it would end when the player took his hand off the button ie. if the user taps it, it looks like a quick jab but if he holds it the animation plays out.

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ok I "think" I know is needed to be done now but I still have a couple of questions

I can use the key input listener to work out the on release action, but would the listener still do its thing if allowRepeats is false or there a bit more to it.

i think in this instance allowRepeats has to be false

Bonechilla said:

i think in this instance allowRepeats has to be false

allow repeats should be false else fight moves will chain like machine gun XD, all I'm really asking is whether or not the key listener will still monitor the key state regardless of the repeat state, can't really test this out until after monday, I'm just trying to gathering as much infos as I can, trial and errors can be a bit rough at times, want to smoothen the ride some bits