onAnimCycleDone problem

This is my onAnimCycleDone code.

[java] public void onAnimCycleDone(AnimControl control, AnimChannel channel, String animName) {

if(animName.equals("jumping_a")) jumpDone = true;

if (!right && !left && !jump && !run && !up && !down && !shoot)

channel.setAnim("standing", 0.5f);



The second if statement is working as it should, but the first If statement is not working at all.

Where could be the problem?

wild guess…maybe animName is never equal to “jumping_a”?

Will the animName will be “jumping_a” only when it reaches the End frame of the animation?

no, it stays the same, what nehon is try to say is that there is no animation by that name (case? typo?)

no, it stays the same

you mean, throughout the animation the animName = animation currently playing?

No, the name is ok.
animation name="jumping_a" length="1.41667"