Onboard S3 Graphics Twister

Oh, i guess i should mention something more. I tried lwjgl 0.96 seperately, it didn’t work properly for the test demos either, but lwjgl 0.95 works fine for most of the demos, although it didn’t work under fullscreen. So the problem could be the lwjgl problem, then how could I download lwjgl 0.94 for another try and how could that be performed? Cheers

Unfortunately, because the LWJGL interface has changed quite dramatically between 0.94 and 0.96 you are not going to be able to use the newest jME (CVS). You can download the 0.8 jar and LWJGL 0.94 and that should work. If your card runs Quake 3 fine, there is no reason LWJGL shouldn’t work on it. You might go to www.lwjgl.org and let them know of your problems, there may be a fix.

Thx for the instructions!

I’ve tried jme0.8 with lwjgl0.94, but still got the “opengl: invalid enum” error, which i guess that should be the problem of my graphics card, after considering others’ similar situation I found in here this forum. Really a bit pitiful, though. Seems I have to give up trying running on my laptop and possibly get a new PC.

Actually I am working on my MSc project, for building a kind of simulation of the real world: Aston University campus, Birmingham. I chose jME as the java game engine and I think jME should be capable of building this kind of game world. Really good for game development beginners like me.

At last I found one pc in our lab running jME quite well, which is using nvidia Quadro 4 (if correct). The reason I’m trying to use laptop is mainly for convenience consideration, otherwise, that could be wasting time on the way to the lab and that’s a good working style for me. Anyway, never mind.

Aston University campus, Birmingham

Heh, do you want me to walk to your place to help ya out? :)

:smiley: , of course not, thx for your attention. It have to be an individual project and I’m confident I can work out that in the next 3 months. If meeting some problems, I would be posting here in the forum for some help.


hehe, i just meant i live near ya, thats all…

Glad to see a familiar brumy! :slight_smile: