onButton events lost

I'm implementing MouseInputListener alot. I think I have 8 listeners at the same time now.

I haven't noticed any problems before but recently I discovered that some onButton events get lost. I don't recieve them.


It's based on JInput. Probably you should make sure the events are lost before the jME handling and contact the jinput people (Endolf actually).

Ok, where does that happen? Which class?

The listener is invoked from LWJGLMouseInput.update. Did you mean that? (your IDE should be able to find usages for you)

I think so. Thats where I should check if events occur? And if they don't it means it's a problem with JInput and not JME?

I might be wrong but so far i only experience this problem when running my app from inside netbeans.

When running from a batch file I get all the events as expected.

Does anyone have a clue?

Though I don't really know how, I've solved it. I tossed all the jars and dlls in the library and replaced them with the ones I use outside of netbeans. I must have messed up the library-configuration some time in the past ://. Perhaps I had the wrong lwjgl-version or something?