onChange on a TextFiled

Is it possibile to put an onChange event on a textField control?

Not with the current Nifty 1.2 version I’m afraid :frowning:

BUT I’m currently working on getting this in for Nifty 1.3. So this will definetely improve soon!

Just because I’m curious what do you want to use this for and onChange means the text content of the textField has changed, right?

Yes, right.

For example:

I have two textfields where the user enters the same password twice, to create a new profile.

For each character typed in the second textfield the system must check if the two passwords are the same or not, warning the user and taking off the “confirm” button.

In a web page i do it with the onChange event.

Ok! You’ll get a TextFieldChanged event with Nifty 1.3 which will send you the changed text too.

(Very) Early 2011 I think :slight_smile:

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Great :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info.