One big Question

Hello my friends and I develop a game and we have a big question

Can I make Triple A Games in the JME ?

Yes I know a very direkt question but we have made a test with some objekts with a polygone count of 10.000. We have build on a big flat map 200 of them (EDIT: We make this test some weeks ago on my pc and it isn’t a very good pc) and the
FPS show 10 , but how it this possible that the framerate is so high by this count of polygons. The Material was LIghting and ther was also Physic.
However when I see this screenshots of the games that was made with the JME I can’t say that they are so nice to see.
I don’t want to say the games are not good but the Graphic isn’t very high.

Sorry when I write something false I am not so good in English.

This question gets asked a lot…

Graphics cards can easily handle a lot of vertices, but not so well with lots of objects…batch them. The engine provides tools to do so…

Ok, but how many Objects can I build are ther any tests about that and a other thing what I didn’t find in the forum what is better on OpenGL than on DirektX and vice versa

It depends on the graphics card and the application. E.g. “Rage” uses basically a few huge objects while UDK games often use one object per character. In any case you can only make a triple a game if you know a bit about this yourself. Triple A game = triple A coding and especially asset creating skills. Apart from that you have pretty much direct access to OpenGL using jME, just like Ogre3D, so its all in your skills really.

@beardeddragon5 said: However when I see this screenshots of the games that was made with the JME I can't say that they are so nice to see.

you also have to remember that most of those games are developed by 1 person, in their spare time

OK, thanks I 'm not a bad programmer at all (I am not so good with 3D and Hardware at the moment , but this is only a question of time) and my team is a bit better than me , but I have some doubt about the engine , I hope we can support the engine with our game in the future and destroy some prejudices about Game development with Java.

The engine is open source, you can find out and change anything about it you want :wink:

@beardeddragon5 said: Can I make Triple A Games in the JME ?
... The question is...can you make a triple A game? A triple A game is a high quality game with high budget. Can you afford that? JME is a toolbox, with simple tools and pretty advanced ones. So to answer your question, yes, JME can be used to make a AAA games, but you have to be good, have a good team, with good artists, a lot of time and money. What makes a game pretty is not the engine, it's assets. What makes a game fun is game play, and even some AAA games fail to achieve that... Your question tend to make me think you are not so experienced in game development, so before thinking of making a AAA game...make a game.
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I know that and we didn’t want to make a AAA game , but when we could make a AAA game we can also make any other game (Do you understand ?). We make this projekt in the sparetime , but we want to do it as well as possible. EDIT: I have some experiences in developing 2D Games. I know that there is a big gap, but the Gamelogic isn’t so different.