One or more different things with different textures as the same model

I wasn’t sure where to put this. I have this question and even though I don’t think its a huge problem I still want your opinions.

Im making a room in my game and at the moment I have the walls and the floor as one object (started off as a plane and extruded the edges up for the walls). When I unwap it I get the walls and the floor and there is room for all the bits and pieces on my diffuse map.

I want to know is it better to have the walls and floor as seperate objects or is it ok to have them as one object? It certainly makes importing the room into my game alot easier if its one object but is this bad practice? Thanks.

Having them as one object would generally be recommended then using UV mappings to do the texture.

Graphics cards eat huge numbers of vertices for breakfast - but lots of objects can get quite expensive quite fast.

Thanks for the reply. But when they are different objects or the same object wouldnt they stil have the same number of vertices?

Yes, but 2 objects each of 50 vertices is harder on the system than one object of 100.